Association for Media Education in Scotland (AMES)

The Bash Street Kids, The Broons, The Simpsons, South Park
The Bash Street Kids, The Broons, The Simpsons, South Park


At last AMES has a sensible and short URL! The website has been using responsive web design principles and should now be readable on mobile, tablet or laptop. If you have any problems with any device please email and describe the device and problem. Thank you!

Filmmaking Courses for Adults

Screen Education Edinburgh are launching a programme of filmmaking courses for adults in Edinburgh starting in September. The 5 courses are documentary filmmaking, short film drama filmmaking, screenwriting, cinematography for low budget and cinematography for DSLR. The courses are designed for beginners or for those with some experience who wish to brush up on skills. View full details.

Into Film Festival

Bookings have opened for the festival which features over 2,700 free film screenings and special events across the UK from 4 – 20 November 2015. Visit Into Film.

SQA Media Attainment Statistics 2015

The SQA attainment statistics 2015 are useful in comparing your centre's statistics with national averages. We have extracted the Media/Media Studies Statistics 2015. The most notable change is the 66% increase in students studying Media at Level 4 (mainly National 4).


AMES is currently discussing with SQA the possibility of new National and Higher qualifications in Moving Image. AMES has also proposed the development of teacher Professional Development Awards in Media/Moving Image. We will keep you informed of the outcome of these initiatives as well as consulting with all stakeholders.

Framework for Film Education

This key document, aimed at film educationists and policymakers throughout Europe, was launched on 19 July. To Scottish eyes it is very 'CfE-friendly' and should be a key resource for teachers arguing for coherent moving image education policies within their own schools.

On behalf of the BFI, AMES is distributing print copies of the document to members and contacts. If anyone has not received a copy, email Des Murphy.

Media Education Journal 57

MEJ 57 was published in June. It includes Rick Instrell's article' Barriers and Thresholds in Learning Media Studies part 3'. Resources on related to this can be downloaded below.

Media Education Journal 58

MEJ 58 will be published at the end of 2015. An outline of the content can be found on the MEJ page.